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Hi, I'm Melanie, and I'm ready to help families in the Montgomery, AL area.

Certified Sleep Sense Consultant

Jordan with her Daughter, age 13 months

"I started working with Melanie when my daughter was 13 months old. I was extremely exhausted from the lack of sleep, and constant wakings through out the night. It has been 13 months of not one solid nights sleep, and then Melanie came along who was seriously an angel of all angels. After working with Melanie and getting some great tips and advice on how to get my daughter to sleep through the night, I am extremely pleased to say that in just 3 nights she finally started sleeping from 7-7 without waking up! It has now been 2 months of a solid nights sleep for this mama and let me tell you it has been life changing! Thank you Melanie!! "

Merisa with her Son, age 5 months

"Words can not express my gratitude for this program. Before we started working with Melanie we were up and down numerous times a night.
She was very respectful of my wishes and very patient with a new mommy such as myself.
​Even months after working with us she still checks in and offers advice. I would highly recommend this program to anyone!"

Anna with her Daughter, age 11 months

"After a year of broken sleep I decided to seek a sleep consultant's help. I knew that Sleep training was the process of helping a baby learn to fall asleep and stay asleep through the night. I just did not know how to do it without crying myself or equipping my daughter with the skills she needed.

I was not comfortable with the cry it out method nor was I comfortable with totally giving up everything immediately. I wanted sleep but I wanted my daughter's needs to also be met. Melanie was very helpful in achieving this. It was also very useful having check-ins with her as regularly as I wanted and advice on managing unforeseen challenges - both with myself and my daughter.

The routine she suggested at bedtime and the ability to hang around at the bedside (the method I was more comfortable with) for a short period made me feel more secure. The plan is malleable in the sense that if I needed to make small adjustments she worked me to still have an overall successful outcome.

My daughter was sleeping better by the first night with only one waking and on her own relaxed, awake but happy and sleeping through the night by the 10th night. Cries were shorter and shorter before bed by then as well.

I would recommend her service to anyone who has read books and tried and failed at sleep training and needs support"

Ashlie with her Son, age 2

"I cannot say enough great things about Melanie or this program! Best decision we have ever made.
Our 2 year old son now sleeps through the night in his own bed, something I was beginning to think would never happen.
​Thankful for Melanie and her support through this process."

From Kirsten with her daughter, age 1

"Let me just say that I NEVER thought I would get the sleep I am getting today. Melanie started with Sarah at 12 months. At that point she was up almost every morning at 5am and would only nap in the car. Just within a month Sarah was sleeping straight throughout the night in her crib. Now, two months later, Sarah is consistently getting 2-3 hour naps (IN HER CRIB!!!) during the day as well as sleeping 12 plus hours at night. Not only is she sleeping better, she puts herself to sleep without milk or her bottle. Because of this I was able to completely cut out her bottle and there have been no issues. I cannot thank Melanie enough for what she has done for me (my sanity) and my husband."

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