Ready for a happier, well-rested child?

Helping exhausted parents & babies establish healthy routines & sleep habits so everyone sleeps better at night.




You're exhausted and ready to get the rest you deserve.


Say goodbye to . . .

  • endless car rides trying to get your child to sleep.

  • multiple wake-ups that last hours.

  • short naps.

  • bed-sharing when it isn't your desire.

  • wondering if your child will sleep tonight.

You’re a dedicated parent and want to help your child rest.

You’ve tried it all. You’ve probably spent time rocking, bouncing, replacing a lost pacifier, researching how to help your baby sleep, wondering if a different sleep sack will work, and simply wondering if they will EVER sleep.

You're motivated to help your child sleep, but aren’t sure what to do.

You’ve read the books and articles, but your baby just isn’t “cookie cutter”. You don’t want your baby to be left alone crying, but the sleepless nights are wearing you down.

You're tired of DREAMING about sleeping again.

Most babies simply do not know how to sleep independently, which leaves their parents losing sleep.

BUT, that can change.

I was extremely exhausted from lack of sleep, and constant wakings throughout the night. It had been 13 months of not one solid night’s sleep, and then Melanie came along who was seriously an angel of all angels.
— Jordan E.
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Hi, welcome to Sweet Home Sleep Solutions!


Thanks for stopping by! I’m Melanie, a Certified Sleep Sense Consultant. I help amazing families like yours achieve quality sleep so you can enjoy the sweet, nurturing snuggles even more. I’ve learned and gained an understanding of how important sleep is when children are developing. 

I work 1:1 with families to help parents teach their baby to sleep independently with the most gentle methods possible. We typically work together for three weeks. My goal as your baby sleep consulting expert is to provide support for families (in a way that feels right for you and your values) as you help your child sleep better.

When you AND your baby are well rested, you can enjoy them more.

I offer free, 15-minute calls and I would love to discuss how I can best help you and your little one receive your well-deserved rest.

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Words cannot express my gratitude for this program. Before we started working with Melanie we were up and down numerous times a night. She was very respectful of my wishes and very patient with a new mommy such as myself. Even months after working with us she still checks in and offers advice. I would highly recommend this program to anyone!
— Merisa S.
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Melanie really took the time to listen to our priorities and helped us to develop a plan that was realistic for us. She was also there for us every step of the way for support. Within just 4 days we were sleeping through the night! Our experience truly was life changing!
— Megan B.


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