Sleep Consultant Near Me

Melanie Campbell sweet home sleep solutions sleep consultant.

I am passionate about helping babies and their parents sleep well. If you are reading this because you are a tired, worn down parent, I can relate. I was EXACTLY where you are! Nothing I was trying worked and I had nothing left to give. Then I tried the Sleep Sense Program. Now, our nights are different. My little daughter sleeps all night, or in her words, until “Mr. Sun comes up." Read more about my journey. As your Montgomery Baby Sleep Expert, I can help you have the same success that I experienced.

If you are wondering if you can take another night of little to no sleep, reach out! Contact me and I can help! In fact, I would LOVE to help. I am committed to helping families sleep, not only to educating, but relentlessly supporting you and encouraging you every step of the way. You are NOT alone!

Still on the fence? It costs nothing to share your current situation with me. I’ll gladly give my time and let you know what options we have. On a budget? We can find a solution that will work. BUT, if you decide that you’re not quite ready, I will support your decision wholeheartedly and still cheer you on!

Sleep training with me is about YOUR family. Only you know your family inside and out. No two families are alike, so each step I take with a family is unique. Daycare, workouts, Church, colic, reflux, Autism, and other siblings’ schedules are just a FEW of the things that can shape your plan.

As a Sleep Consultant, I have served the following areas:

  • Montgomery, Alabama

  • Birmingham, Alabama

  • Dothan, Alabama

  • Auburn, Alabama

  • Huntsville, Alabama

  • Atlanta, Georgia

  • Columbus, Georgia

  • Columbus, Ohio

Let’s add your home to the list!