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The Four Month Sleep Regression

As a sleep consultant, I have found that the word regression pops up in nearly every imaginable circumstance. If a baby has been sleeping well for a week or months and suddenly hits a hiccup, it receives the "R" label. Some believe there's a regression at eight months or a year. I have some news for you: the dreaded four-month regression is absolutely REAL, and it's PERMANENT.

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Why Your Baby Will Never Sleep Through The Night

Not only will your baby never sleep through the night, but neither will you. All humans, from their first night on earth to their last, actually wake up multiple times a night! These wakings are part of our natural human sleep cycle and happen even when there's no caffeine or stress. I'm sure you've noticed times when you've been in a "deep sleep" and times when you felt like you were mildly awake already when you heard your baby or the garbage truck. Not all sleep is the same.

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Is My Baby Waking Because she’s Hungry?

The Middle-of-the-Night Cry Every Mama Needs to Know. You’ve finally put your head down on your pillow and no sooner than you start to drift off to sleep, your baby starts to cry. Sigh…. Whether your baby has been in bed for one hour or four hours, your first thought is “Why is my baby crying?”. Whether it happens before or after midnight, or many times throughout the night, you do the same thing.

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